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New Yellowstone National Park Fishing Video.

Here is another of last summer’s fishing trips into Yellowstone National Park.  We rode up into the northwest corner to go fishing.  While we were there we got to know some wonderful guests and see some great scenery.  

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New Video from Summer 2013 Bechler Photography

Her is another video from last years summer season.  On this trip we took five days to head down into Yellowstone’s Cascade Corner for a guided photography trip, we were able to travel around town with some elektroroller unu scooters … More Information

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New Video for Fishing Slough Creek Yellowstone National Park with Sunrise Pack Station

Here is the latest video for our trip into Slough Creek in August 2013.  I had remarkable fishermen and so great photographers who shared their shots with me to put the movie together.  

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Need a Little Help

I am getting ready to put this double-sided rack card out for printing production, but I thought I would ask for a little proofing help from those who would be looking at it.  If you have any comments or suggestions I … More Information

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Last backcountry trip of the season, Bechler River Photography Trip.

September 23 – 26, 2013.  We took a guest photographer, Kevin Pack, with us to go explore the Bechler River country.  We dealt with increasingly difficult weather, starting with heavy rain one day and then turning to snow on our … More Information

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1st Snow September 18th, 2013.

I didn’t get a chance to get a picture but we got our first snow in the high country today.  It won’t be long until it will sleigh ride time here in the valley.  I look forward to this view.

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Expanding Grizzly Bear Range.

In a recent article in Yellowstone Gate News, the author reports about the growing and expanding range of grizzlies from Yellowstone National Park.  Read the article here . They talk about bears being hundreds of miles south of Yellowstone.  The same is … More Information

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Restoration Project At Work.

As promised, here are videos of the spreader.  We have Curly and Dandy hitched to pull it. We are preparing them for our fall Hay Rides. We’ll be starting them September 2013.  

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Isabela, our little Paso Fino is for Sale.

Isabella was born in 2003.  She has been ridden as seen in these pictures.  She has been packed for a couple of years in Yellowstone National Park.  She has also been harnessed and ground driven a little but never hitched to a cart.  She … More Information

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Spring Restoration Project Before and After

We bought an old ground drive manure spreader because we needed our own spreader out at the barn.  We had borrowed the neighbors for a number of years and decided we had better get one of our own so as not … More Information

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