Shane McClaflinShane McClaflin

Owner and Lead Guide for Sunrise Pack Station, has been a backcountry guide for twenty-four years. He started guiding in the mountains when he was 18 years old. He has worked in Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and now resides in Montana. After working in many facets of the guest and horse industry around the intermountain west, Yellowstone has always been the siren that keeps calling him back and he has called it home now for twenty-two years. Shane is fully licensed by the National Park Service as an outfitter and concessioner.

Sarah McClaflinSarah McClaflin
Manages the behind the scenes operations of Sunrise Pack Station. In the summer, it’s her sweet voice you’ll hear on the other end of the line when you call for information or to discuss a trip. During the school year she teaches sixth grade and turns the majority of the office duties over to Shane. If you ever get the rare opportunity to go on a trip with her, an evening singing around the campfire will reveal she has the voice of an angel.
Age 13, loves riding and being around the livestock and one of the most often heard questions in the summer is, “When do I get to go on another pack trip?” She went on her first pack trip at the age of six and is a natural in the backcountry. We rode through Bechler meadows, swam in the warm waterfalls, and saw some amazing scenery. She loves to learn and explore. Don’t be surprised to see her on a trip helping out.  She loves school and will fit in as one of our educational guides very soon.
Is always taking things apart. Most of the time Dad can get them put back together. At ten years of age his mind is full of questions about how things work. He likes to watch Dad on the tractor, explore and build forts at the pasture or help “fix” just about anything. When he gets the chance he loves to ride. He’ll start third grade this year and is our mechanical engineer in the making. His most recent accomplishment is an invitation to participate in “team” gymnastics which is much safer than “barn” gymnastics.
At age eight, is Daddy’s little helper. She enjoys exploring with Nathaniel at the pasture. At home, during packing season you can find her in the garage making sure Dad and his guides keep all their details straight. She loves to feed treats to the mules and horses. When asked what her favorite thing about horses is, the answer is always “ridin’ on ‘em.” She loves to help in the kitchen at home and is definitely in training to be a future camp cook.
Age six, loves the outdoors and will stay out past dark if we let him. His days are filled with exploring his boundaries and his laugh even makes strangers at the grocery store giggle. He spends much of his time at the pasture playing in his giant sandbox (the riding arena). He is curious about the horses and mules and loves to get close to them. The livestock are just as interested in him. They gently sniff him as he touches their faces, noses and eyelashes. He has the same interest we saw in Ellie as a little girl. He’s definitely a cowboy in the making.