Horsemanship Classes

Our Horsemanship classes go beyond riding lessons.  Our goal is to create a well-rounded horseman or horsewoman; one who knows how to care for their horses’ health, feeding, and basic veterinary care.


The riding is generally western, but we cross disciplines to learn how to jump and do a variety of arena exercises.  We stress keeping you safe, your horse safe, and the land safe, in that order. Someone who has completed our system of education will have confidence taking care of their own horses and hitting the trail in this great state we live in.  They will be able to ride confidently in the backcountry or in the arena.  They will know how to shuttle their horses to shows, properly care for them, or stay overnight in a backcountry camp.  They will become confident well-rounded horsemen and women.

We offer a variety of horsemanship classes for children and adults. They include Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, First Class, and beyond.  Classes last one or two hours and are held at the excellent Gallatin County Fairgrounds facilities.  We ride indoors and outdoors, so come dressed for the weather.  Our class size is six or less to keep all of the participants safe.  Interested participants should contact me for a placement test if they think that the beginning level is not appropriate for them.  For more information and to sign up for a class click here.


Classes are held at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds or the Barn on Manley Road.


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Classes last for a three month semester.  They are $45 per class, billed monthly. 

Learn the Basics of Driving Horses

This class helps you walk through the process of learning to drive a horse in harness, starting with a single horse and then moving to a team.  You’ll learn the appropriate names for different types of harness and their parts, how to harness the horse, and work around horses safely, how to hitch single, and as a team, and how to drive different vehicles, like single horse carts, sleighs, wagons, fore carts and farm implements.

Classes are $50.00 per hour.  Call for class times and availability. (406) 579-9642

“Leave No Trace” Horse Packing Ethics

Shane McClaflin of Sunrise Pack Station, LLC is a certified Leave No Trace ethics instructor. Regarding horse packing ethics, we offer a variety of classes from the one day master class, to a two-day overnight packing seminar trip into the backcountry to practice what was learned during the classroom sessions.

Level I

May 13 and 14, 2016 “Ladies Only” Spring Packing Seminar, 2 day class: spring_packing_seminar.pdf $100.00 per person


May 27 and 28, 2016 Spring Packing Seminar 2 day class: spring packing seminar $100.00 per person



1 day class: Packing 1 Day Master Class $50.00 per person (two person minimum).  Call (406) 579-9642 for availability.


Private appointments at the barn: $100 per person.  Call (406) 579-9642 for availability.


We’ll come to you. Do you want to offer a packing seminar at your barn or riding facility? We will shuttle our mules and equipment to offer the class at your location. Call for more details: (406) 579-9642.

Level II

July 8th and 9th, 2016 2 day overnight packing class: $600.00 per person. We’ll put the skills we learned in the Level I class to practice on this overnight trip into Yellowstone’s Northwest Corner. We provide everything, you just show up with a change of clothes, your toothbrush, and if you prefer, your own riding helmet.

Level III

Take YOUR HORSES into Yellowstone National Park!
Many people ask me, “Can I take my horses into Yellowstone?” I can help people to do that. The park system has a very high standard for horse use in Yellowstone and I want to help people ride and camp in the Park safely, efficiently, and enjoyably. This requires some training of both people and horses. We have a three-tiered system to assure people adequate skill sets to ride camp and keep horses in the park safely.

First, I ask you to take the two-day packing class to learn the basics of packing and stock retention in the backcountry.    spring_packing_seminar.pdf

Second take the overnight Level II class, using our trained horses to do a practice run in the park.

Third I will ride with you and your horses on a trip in the park to help you correct any problems that are unique to your camp and stock.  After that you can ride with confidence using the skills you have learned and have a long good relationship with the Park Service in Yellowstone National Park’s backcountry.

Leave No Trace