3 Day / 2 Night Family Pack Trip

100_5667To help make a family vacation on horseback more economical, this year we have made some new options for backcountry trips. We have created some trips closer to home in the fantastic northwest corner of Yellowstone National Park. Depending on which area we go the trips can accommodate four to eight guests. This portion of the park is away from the main figure eight road system so it sees much less traffic, yet still has the wonderful features of Yellowstone. Abundant wildlife calls this area home. Roaming wolves and grizzly bears, moose and elk, cross the high peaks and laze in the wildflower filled meadows. Along with that we have adjusted our menu to a more traditional camping style menu that we all remember as kids, hot dogs and hamburgers, campfire pies, and pancakes.

The rest of the trip will be identical to our other 3 -7 day trips. We’ll have campfire stories in the evenings, quiet gentle stock to ride, and the same safe and knowledgeable guides to show you the backcountry.