Bechler Fishing – 5 Days (Full)


Try this for your Yellowstone vacation on horseback. Magnificent views of the Teton Mountain Range, spectacular water falls, and 24 inch Rainbow Trout. This trip takes you to the southwestern corner of Yellowstone National Park.DSCN0593

This area is acclaimed for wide meadows containing tall grasses and shallow sloughs with spectacular views of the Teton Mountains to the south, and the Madison Plateau to the north. To the east is the rim of the mysterious Pitchstone Plateau, a place with only few sketchy watering holes making travel across it nearly impossible.

Thousands of years ago when the Yellowstone National Park region was a caldera after the volcano blew, it began to fill with water collected from snow melt and summer rains. Eventually, the walls of the old volcano could no longer withstand the weight of the water; a fissure erupted allowing that water to rush out. That rushing water came down a canyon we now call the Bechler River Canyon, so named for Gustav Bechler, a topographer who rode with the 1871 Hayden Survey as they verified the findings of the Washburn, Langford, and Doane expedition of 1870.

The Bechler region is called the Cascade Corner. Waterfalls drop from the plateaus into the meadows. The canyon is spectacular, one water fall after another broken in between by cascades and cataracts. When we ride up the canyon we will stop and feel the mist from some of the falls. You will have the opportunity to take some very exciting photos. After this, we will ford the river at a number of places, leading the pack string up to their bellies through the clear cold waters.

The Bechler River has some great fishing. The big deep bechler_fishslow bends of the Bechler River have great habitat for the large Rainbow Trout that lurk in its shadowy depth. Float a grasshopper over these glassy waters, which at this time of year are hopping and flying everywhere, and you’ll have the fight of your life on your hands. If you want to fish for more than Rainbow Trout, you might cast a line for Brook Trout in Mountain Ash Creek, or fish for Cut Throats up in the Bechler Cascades, near the famous Ferris Fork Hot Pot.

Besides fishing, the Bechler region is filled with swimming holes for the family or just friends. There are hot springs, warm water falls, and comfortable pools to swim in.


Colonade FallsExperience moose walking through the meadows and eagles nesting in trees overlooking the river. This is a once in a lifetime wilderness experience. Cooling off on a hot summer day or taking a warming dip on a cool fall day, the water is always inviting.




201 S Front

Route into the Bechler River.






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