Exploring Specimen Creek -3 Day (2 Available)

One of Yellowstone’s overlooked beauties, Specimen Creek flows down a high beautiful valley to its confluence with the Gallatin River.  The trail meanders in and out of old growth forests and recent forest fire burns for a dramatic contradiction in silvan life.  While there are only a few stock camp sites in this area, they sit in scenic high meadows surrounded mountains and trees.  Wild life here is abundant.  It is not uncommon to hear wolves, see bears, moose, elk and deer, and enjoy a plethora of song birds.  7-17-08 Following the Fires Specimen Creek Yellowstone National Park 070 (13)

We’ll camp near Specimen Creek and ride out to one of the many magnificent alpine lakes in the region.  High Lake, Shelf Lake, Crescent Lake, Sportsman Lake all have different features that make them difficult to compare.  Some contain great fishing others are surrounded by majestic alpine beauty, still others are home to Mountain Sheep and Goats.  All call this region their home.Specimen Creek Yellowstone National Park 2010 (12)

We can stay in this area for 3 or 5 days depending on our guests preferences.  There is much to see, more than we can see in just one trip.  This is one of Yellowstone’s places to come over and over.

3 day trip $1450.00  (6 Booked/ 2 Available) Please call or use the Contact Form to book your reservation