Exploring Yellowstone’s Northwest Corner- 3 Day Trip (8 Available)

Yellowstone National Park is the source of many of the West’s major rivers.  The Snake River begins in Yellowstone’s southeast corner.  The Madison and Gallatin Rivers for in Yellowstone’s northwestern corner the along with the Jefferson join to form the mighty Missouri River.  And finally, deep in Yellowstone forms the Yellowstone River, one of the United States longest free-flowing wild rivers.

This 3 day family friendly trip will take us near the headwaters of the Gallatin River.  The river was fan_creek_yellowstonenationalpark24named by Lewis and Clark on their trek searching for a water passage to the west coast.  We will ride up the Gallatin River about 7 miles from the trailhead and set up our camp right near the river.  We’ll stay here two nights and choose from a variety of things to do during our three days.  Opportunities to ride, hike, fish, photograph, and explore will abound.

As with all of our trips we provide everything but our guests personal items.  We cook the meals, set up the tents and do the dishes.  You may help with as much or as little as you like.  We want you to feel at home in the back country.

The trip price is $1497.00 per person.  (0 Booked/ 8 Available)