Fan Creek and Upper Specimen Creek- Photography – 5 Days (8 Available)

fan_creek_yellowstonenationalpark24Yellowstone National Park reaches its peak in beauty in the fall. The elk are bugling, wolves are howling, grizzlies are scrounging for their last meals before hibernation. Yellowstone’s Northwest Corner is bustling with activity. This trip will feature the less traveled season of late summer / early fall in Yellowstone National Park. The wildlife will be very active and the scenery breathtaking. Bring your camera! Up here we have seen moose grazing with our horses, elk crossing the creek below camp and wolves trotting down the trail. Our excursion will be for 5 days with 2 nights at each camp.

Our Camps will be along two of the streams in the Northwest Corner. Fan Creek will be our first destination. Take time to catch the perfect shot of the aspens in their full golden glory on a day ride to the high mountain Sportsman’s Lake. Try your hand at photographing the amazing starry skies in this place of no light pollution and very clear skies. We can spend the day doing short hikes to photograph or just take in the breath-taking beauty of this little stream or day ride over the mountain to Sportsman’s Lake. This trip is designed with your comfort in mind; you can stay in camp and relax or ride out and explore the country side.201 N Back TILE

Our second camp will be located on the upper end of Specimen Creek. This remote camp has us in the heart of the mountains. Bugling elk, wolves howling and the occasional bear sighting are quite common.

A six-mile ride will take us up to some breathtaking views and another remote lake with a small waterfall at one end. High Lake with its glassy waters and secluded shore line is a great place for an afternoon picnic. The trail meanders through forest and glade, and in those late autumn days one can easily bump into a herd of elk grazing on a cool afternoon.

Our final ride out brings us to the Specimen Creek Trailhead so we won’t cover the same territory twice in our ride.

To help us on this trip is photographer Kevin Pack. Well known for his years photographing in Yellowstone National Park as well as his watercolor art, Kevin has multiple endorsements in the photography field. He will give instruction on equipment and technique for the novice and help the advanced photographer learn the specifics of how to shoot in the Park. Kevin is also a horseman as well as a photographer so if you need help with your horse or your camera, he will be on hand to assist you.

$2670.00 per person (0 Booked /8 Available) Please call or use the Contact Form to book your reservation.  

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