Lamar Fishing Trip (Full) August 8-12, 2016


Cow and Calf Lamar River Yellowstone National Park.

DSCN0798Join us for your vacation fishing trip by horseback as we explore the Lamar River Valley. The Lamar River Valley within Yellowstone National Park is the most common place for watching wolves, bear, and American bison interact.DSCN0394

From where the Lamar River leaves the upper Lamar Canyon and flows to join the Yellowstone, visitors can see spectacular wild life interactions on a daily basis from the safety of their cars. However, for the more adventurous, ride with us up the upper Lamar and see the wildlife in a more intimate setting as buffalo stroll down the trail 100 yards from our campsite, bears forage on the hillsides, and wolves dog trot along in search of prey.DSCN0424

This trip is an adventure fisherman’s paradise with scenery as wild as the animals. Our trail starts at the Soda Butte Trailhead where the Lamar River meets the road. We’ll travel up the Lamar River and ford Cache Creek. Beyond this, we will cross Calfee Creek traveling up to our first camp on the Lamar River where you’ll find the fishing excellent. Fishing the Lamar rivals that of Slough Creek. Big deep pools abundant with healthy size cutthroat trout are scattered throughout the river.  Actively feeding fish and nice hatches characterize this fishing trip. After two nights fishing our first camp, we’ll move up the Lamar about a mile and a half to another camp and some new waters to fish for another two nights.  On our last day, you can fish a bit in the morning as we pack up camp and get ready to head the 12.5 miles back to the trailhead.
201 N Back TILE         On this trip, you will see where one of the hottest and most violent fires of 1988 began which was caused by a lightning strike on Clover Creek; we will fish across from this location. At night, we will discuss many things from fire ecology to the effects of the reintroduction of the wolves. We will discuss the rich history of the Nez Perce Indians who were native to this area. They fled down the drainage with 600 men, women, and children and twice that many horses. Other topics of interest are wildlife management, buffalo, brucellosis, the US Army managing the Park, and the 1869 Folsom Peterson Cook expedition.

Our rides will be 10 to 12 miles a day which will take us to designated fishing spots. You are invited to a fishing trip that rivals few and will leave a lasting impression of Yellowstone National Park on your memories.

$2420.00 per person (8 Booked/ 0 Available)