Lamar “Over the Top” Fishing Trip 6 Day (6/8 Available) August 15-20, 2017


Cold Creek Ranger cabin

Because this trip has been so popular, we have chosen to offer a second trip into this wild region.  This trip is a progressive travel trip which goes deeper into the Lamar than most outfitters go.  This fishing trip by horseback explores the Pelican valley and the Lamar River Valley. The Lamar River Valley within Yellowstone National Park is the most common place for watching wolves, bear, and American bison interact. From where the Lamar River leaves the upper Lamar Canyon and flows to join the Yellowstone, visitors can see spectacular wild life interactions on a daily basis from the safety of their cars. However, for the more adventurous, ride with us up the upper Lamar and see the wildlife in a more intimate setting as buffalo stroll down the trail 100 yards from our campsite, bears forage on the hillsides, and wolves dog trot along in search of prey.

This trip is an adventure fisherman’s paradise with scenery as wild as the animals. Our trail starts at the Soda Butte Trailhead where the Lamar River meets the road.


18 inch Cut Throat Trout caught just above our second Lamar River camp in Yellowstone National Park.

We will begin at the Pelican Creek/ Turbid Lake Trailhead by the Shores of Lake Yellowstone.  After travelling up Pelican Creek, we will make our first camp at Mist Creek Pass.  This is a non-fishing night.  From there, we will drop down into the head of the Lamar River Canyon at the confluence of Cold Creek and the Lamar River.  This remote area rarely gets fished. Fishing the Lamar rivals that of Slough Creek. Big deep pools abundant with healthy size cutthroat trout are scattered throughout the river.  Actively feeding fish and nice hatches characterize this fishing trip. After two nights fishing our second camp, we’ll move down the Lamar about  6 miles to another camp and some new waters to fish for another two nights.  There is also opportunity to see where the river has cut through a petrified forest with a number of trees easily visible in the river and on the opposing hillside.


Pack String along the Lamar River heading toward the Soda Butte Trailhead.

After fishing for most of four days we’ll head back down the river to the  Soda Butte trailhead.  We’ll stop for lunch to rest and enjoy the scenery before riding the rest of the way out.  Our goal is to hit the trailhead between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to allow you time to get back to some sort of civilization for your evening meal.

$2,904.00 per person (2 Booked/ 6 Available)