Mirror Plateau – 5 Days (8 Available)


Joseph’s Coat Spring’s Area, Yellowstone National Park.

For the curious adventurer seeking sights few have traveled to see, this horseback vacation trip is for you. This pack trip will take you to secluded areas of Yellowstone National Park which have limited access. The landscape is pristine.

This horse pack trip is designed for fun exploration. There are many remote and rarely seen thermal areas.  The land is also dotted with old buffalo salt licks leftover from the time when the park service used to ranch buffalo.

Our trail will start out at Pelican Creek Trailhead, head 12 miles through the bear management area to Astringent Creek, and then onto the Mirror Plateau. Once on the Plateau we will camp at two different sites and explore outward from them each day until we return home down our original trail.

Overlooking Fern Lake, Yellowstone National Park.

The history up on the Mirror Plateau is fantastic. It was one of the possible hiding places for Chief Joseph when he fled from the army in 1877. There are tipi rings left by them on the rim of the plateau overlooking the Lamar Canyon.

When the Park service was raising buffalo to save the almost extinct herd they ran bison up here. The evidence still lies in the form of carved out logs used as salt lick and old trails.

If you are looking for an intimate look at wildlife off the beaten path of Yellowstone National Park, this is the adventure for you.ere is also evidence of new and historic forest fires that have shaped the landscape in this wild place. You will see all of this and plentiful wildlife including buffalo, grizzly bear, elk, moose, deer, wolves, and coyotes.

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Map of our possible route on the Mirror Plateau.




$2420.00 per person (0 Booked /8 Available)

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