September Slough Creek – 4 Days



Take the great fishing of Slough Creek, add the fall colors and increased wildlife movement, and you have a recipe for an amazing vacation in Yellowstone National Park.




For the fisherman, you can ride into camp and spend the next three days fishing until your heart is content. The Cutthroat Trout are impressive, averaging 18 – 20 inches, in clear pristine waster. They can be caught with a variety of flies because this is a prime dry-fly fishery. The water is slow and clear at this time of year and the trout are cruising up and down the river looking for that last surface insect meal before things freeze over.



Slough Creek flows out of the Beartooth and Absaroka wilderness and makes its way into Yellowstone National Park. The creek cuts its way through short steep canyons and beautiful open meadows plentiful with lush vegetation and American Bison. You may 201 N Back TILE v02b.aisee

see other wildlife, as well.  Slough Creek eventually empties into the Lamar River.

For the rider, we can head up to Bliss Pass to see some of the most extraordinary scenery as we look over Pebble Creek below us from our 9,000 feet vantage point or out to the Absaroka Range in the distance.

If you are planning a vacation to Yellowstone National Park and love fly fishing mixed with spectacular views, this trip cannot be missed.

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