Spring Flora & Fauna: Black Butte Trail – 3 Days (3 Available)

Black Butte Yellowstone National Park 2009 (8.1)One of the best times for photo opportunities in Yellowstone National Park is springtime. Come to Yellowstone in the spring for a photographer’s paradise. We offer a special 3 day trip in Black Butte geared for photographers looking for that perfect shot.

In the spring Yellowstone National Park explodes with a rainbow of colored wild flowers: Indian paintbrush, sulfur paintbrush, yellow monkey-flower, Lewis’ monkey-flower, elephant’s head, shooting star, marsh marigold and blue penstemon to name a few. Colors in Yellowstone are at their peak in early July. Besides spectacular flowers, you will also see spring animals like mule deer, moose, American bison, bighorn sheep, elk and others. The sky will be painted with spectacular sunrises and sunsets. See why this is called Big Sky country.

Ride around the last of the drifted snow to the top of Bighorn Mountain 201 N Back TILE v02b.aicarpeted in a profusion of flowers and gentle green grasses. Behold the majestic splendor of the Madison, Absaroka and Gallatin Ranges from 9000 feet, or relax in camp and capture streamside microcosm of unique plants such as a variety of grasses and ferns, and smaller animals like raccoons, river otters, shrews and others. Yellowstone National Park hosts as many as 200 species of birds including bald eagles, Peregrine falcons, and a plethora of ducks varieties.

This trip offers many choices for catching that perfect wilderness shot whatever your interests may be.

$1452.00 per person (3 booked/ 3 available) Please call or use the Contact Form to book your reservation


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