Fishing Trips

slough_creek_yellowstone_national_park20087  Yellowstone National Park has some of the worlds greates blue ribbon trout streams.  Native Yellowstone and West Slope Cut Throat Trout abound in the pristine waters of the Park.  Sunrise Pack Station is here to help you access those waters and enjoy yourself in camp after a day of backcountry fishing away from the roads and crowds.

Sunrise Pack Station is a Trout Unlimited endorsed Guide, meaning we care about the fishery and resource.  Our desire is to help you enjoy the park waters yet protect the fish that we all love so dearly.

Our fishing trips are designed to allow you access to waters that don’t recieve the extreme fishing pressure as compared to the roadside areas, yet give you plenty of time on the water.  That means more time fishing and less your time in the saddle.  Most trips have a 100_5549portion of the first day riding into camp, with our shortest ride being 1 hour and our longest being 4 hours.  Every day will have its opportunity to hit the waters from the first to the last.

The eveings will be centered around a great meal and a relaxing fire, watching the sunset fade and the stars come out.  There is always some sort of educational and humorous discussion going on, as well as the days fish tales.