Horse Trips

We operate our day rides from July 1st to October 15th.

Our Yellowstone horseback day rides are like mini pack trips, with all of the education, stories, riding and fun as a pack trip only much shorter.We give a mini riding lesson at the trailhead before we leave for a ride. Before heading down the trail you will learn to mount, dismount, go forward, left, right, stop and back up. You will learn how to be around a horse while on the ground and in the saddle. When you leave after your ride, you will walk away with real skills in horsemanship and dealing with animals.children_yellowstonenationalpark

Our rides leave from a variety of trailheads in the Northwest Corner of Yellowstone National Park. You can come back year after year, ride new trails and discover new areas of the park most visitors never see from their cars. You may also schedule a custom day ride that will allow you to go anywhere in the park accessible to horses.

For the fisherman we have several fishing day rides which offer pristine waters and nice fish along with beautiful scenery. Our fishing day rides are an all day ride to a great fishing location in Yellowstone National Park. We usually fish Fan Creek, or the Upper Gallatin River in the Northwest Corner of Yellowstone Park. We will service anywhere in the Northern or Central portions of the park at a clients request. We have fished for Brown Trout in the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone, Cut Throat Trout up in Slough Creek’s Second Meadow or Brook Trout up on the Gardner River. Wepebble-creek-2 will also go to any of the little backcountry lakes that are with in riding distance from the road. We provide a horse, lunch, and pack your fishing gear in for you.

Our rides generally run July, August, September and October. We schedule rides early in the year, but occasionally a pack trip cancels and we have openings so call anytime for availability we will always try to take you.

To see what dates are available, click on this Calendar Link.  If you do not see a date available that you would like, feel free to call and ask, we may be able to adjust and make available just for you.