Horsemanship Classes


Our horsemanship classes go beyond riding lessons.  Our goal is to create a well-rounded horseman or horsewoman; one who knows how to care for their horses’ health, feeding, and basic veterinary care.

The riding is generally Western, but we cross disciplines to learn how to jump and do a variety of arena exercises.  We stress keeping you safe, your horse safe, and the land safe; in that order. Someone who has completed our system of education will have confidence taking care of their own horses and hitting the trail in this great state we live in.  They will be able to ride confidently in the back country or in the arena.  They will know how to shuttle their horses to shows, properly care for them or stay overnight in a back country camp.  They will become confident well-rounded horsemen and women.

We offer a variety of horsemanship classes. They include: Elementary, Intermediate, First Class, Advanced I, II, III and beyond.  The Classes are one hour or two hours and are held at the excellent Gallatin County Fairgrounds facilities.  We ride indoors and outdoors, so come dressed for the weather.  Our class size is six or fewer to keep all of the participants safe.  If interested participants think that the beginning level is not appropriate for them, they should contact me for a placement test.

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2016 Fall Schedule 


One hour Classes are $45 per hour and run on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Late registration still available at no extra charge.

Two hour classes are $43 per hour.

Classes are held at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds or the Barn on Manley Road.

To sign up for our current classes choose the appropriate level below and click book now or purchase at set of lessons for some else as a gift.