Isabela, our little Paso Fino is for Sale.

100_7798 100_7821 100_7802 100_7804 100_7806 100_7808 100_7809 100_7810 100_7812 100_7813 100_7820 100_7825Isabella was born in 2003.  She has been ridden as seen in these pictures.  She has been packed for a couple of years in Yellowstone National Park.  She has also been harnessed and ground driven a little but never hitched to a cart.  She has a very smooth Paso Gait.  She establishes herself amongst other horses so as not to be on the bottom of the pecking order but is not a top mare either.  She is very flashy in her looks and movement and is well bred.  Isabela is the Daughter of Homenaje de Las Guacas Registry #119348 and Poetisa De Las Esperanza registry # 92471.

The photos say a lot about her.  If you have any questions feel free to e-mail.  She seems to be a more of a one or two person type horse than a different rider every day, like most of our horses are.  Because she doesn’t fit the guest horse mold, we need to sell her.  We are asking $1500.00.




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