Photography Trips

Yellowstone National Park is a photographer’s paradise. There is nowhere one can look without finding something worth capturing on film. Wild flowers, wild life, waterfalls, horses and people, hot springs or the Grand Tetons, all are right here.

Yellowstone is one of the most 0017-02A Rocky Mountain Bighornphotographed places in the world.  Sunrise Pack Station is here to help you get away from the crowds and get into the backcountry.  In the backcountry you see animals when they are in their most natural state, very different from the human habituated animals by the road.  Here you don’t have to worry about camera angles to avoid people, road, or buildings in the background.  You have 360 degrees of shootable scenery.

Here the moose, elk and wolves have been known to frequent the area as well as the occasional grizzly.  The wild flowers, the sparkling creek and majestic forest all present the perfect subject matter for capturing that perfect backcountry photograph.  Spend the  nights telling stories around the fire or breaking out the cameras for some amazing shots of the stars and night sky in this place where there is no diffused light pollution.

To help us on this trip is photographer Kevin Pack.  Well known for his years photographing in Yellowstone National Park as well as his watercolor art, Kevin has multiple endorsements in the photography field.  He will give instruction on equipment and technique 0034-19A Grizzly Bearfor the novice and help the advanced photographer learn the specifics of how to shoot in the Park.  Kevin is also a horseman as well as a photographer so if you need help with your horse or your camera, he will be on hand to assist you.

Kevin puts it in his own word like this, – “I am going to show you how to get more out of your photographs.  Most people, when they have
reached the level of the expensive DSLR cameras, already have a pretty basic understanding of photography, but, it is still basic.  They seem to get intimidated by all the buttons on the back of the camera and immediately put the camera in program mode thinking that it will do the best for them.  I will show you how to take the camera to the next level and achieve photos like you see in the outdoor or photography magazines”.  Kevin has compiled a list of what equipment will be best suited to your trip.  You can click to see it here.

Before and after your trip we are working with a High Quality local camera shop called F11 Photographic Supplies.  They will f11_color_logowordinghave all of the supplies and extra gear you may want before your trip and can help put your recently taken shots in your hands to enjoy on your way home.

We invite you to join us in this photographers playground and enjoy the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park in the process.