Spring Restoration Project Before and After

We bought an old ground drive manure spreader because we needed our own spreader out05141311170514131118b100_7696 at the barn.  We had borrowed the neighbors for a number of years and decided we had better get one of our own so as not to be presumptuous.

The ground drive was preferable, so that we could pull it with a tractor or with horses.  The plan is to load it with bucket loader on the tractor and spread it with horse power.

After doing some research.  I found that it was an old Oliver Superior spreader.  Probably made in the 1930’s or so.   As you can see it was left to rot in the first pictures.  The tires were rotten, the wood was rotten, and the metal was rusty.  But a little work and it is ready to go.  It almost looks too nice to use it for what it was intended.

Hopefully I’ll post some pictures of it in use being pulled by the team.100_7697

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