Multi-Day Horse Pack Trips

Explore Yellowstone National Park on horseback!  Our multi-day horse pack trips take you into Yellowstone’s Backcountry, away from the roads and crowds, but more than that, they give the opportunity to connect with nature.  A day hike or day ride merely scratches the
7-19-08 Fawn Pass Cutoff Yellowstone National Park

of Yellowstone Park.  Here you have the opportunity to be immersed in the wildness of Yellowstone.  Evenings spent listening to the wolves howl, or mornings watching the deer or bison feed; every moment of your time in the Backcountry is experiencing Yellowstone beyond anything you have been able to do before.

Sunrise Pack Station offers a variety of multi-day pack trips for your ultimate Yellowstone National Park vacation. The listing below is our tentative schedule for the current season. Please click the title to get a description of the trip along with photos and videos. Please be aware trips are subject to change based on bookings or conditions in the park that require us to change trails. Please book your trip early.